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Sports Solutions

Build live sports applications effortlessly to enhance your subscribers' viewing experience and reduce cost-cutting.

Encore Edge

Revolutionize sports applications with Encore Edge.

 Unleash the power of metadata for engaging sports and entertainment applications.

Experience seamless content discovery and increased engagement with the Encore Edge & Gracenote Metadata Processing Platform, revolutionizing sports and entertainment applications for service providers and users alike.

Powering Next-Gen Experiences:
Unleashing the Potential of Metadata-Rich Applications

Powering Next-Gen Experiences:

Unleashing the Potential of Metadata-Rich Applications


Increased revenue opportunities

Harness metadata to identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities, enabling service providers to drive more revenue from their existing customer base.


Streamlined access to information

Allow users to access relevant information without needing to switch between devices or applications, simplifying their experience and increasing engagement with the service.


Competitive differentiation

Offer a unique, data-driven experience that sets the application apart from competitors, attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

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Accelerate Cost-Effective Development

Developers can quickly prototype, augment, and deploy applications at scale with the help of Gracenote's world-leading metadata and Encore Edge's platform. This game-changing collaboration enables the creation of engaging sports, music, and video solutions, as well as content discovery solutions for service and content providers.


Seamless System Integratio

Effortless Compatibility with Pay TV and Carrier Business Systems


Comprehensive Content Discovery

Explore Live, On Demand, OTT, and Sports Solutions


Accelerated Deployment

Save Time and Cost from Concept to Commercial Launch


Unrivaled Metadata Access

Tap into Gracenote's Extensive Metadata Library


Streamlined API Integration

Utilize Off-the-Shelf Common APIs with Easy-to-Use Swagger Definition

Why Choose Encore Edge?

With a strong background in IPTV solutions and end-to-end ecosystem expertise, Encore Interactive delivers cutting-edge carrier-class solutions that enhance existing deployments and provide new functionality.

As a Nielsen company, Gracenote offers deep industry expertise and a proven track record of powering discovery and recommendation engines across the most popular entertainment platforms and devices.

​Ready to experience the Encore Edge & Gracenote Metadata Processing Platform for yourself?

Book a demo call today to learn more about how this powerful partnership can revolutionize your content discovery solutions.

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