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Light Reflection
Encore Interactive
Unveiling the Success Story
Pioneers in the IPTV Space

Encore was founded in 2007 in Saint John, New Brunswick, with a rich history in innovative IPTV solutions for service providers.

The company's founders and DNA are rooted in end-to-end IPTV ecosystem expertise, from infrastructure to video technology, middleware, integrated applications, operations, metadata, and clients. 

Encore delivers cutting-edge carrier-class IPTV solutions that enhance and complement existing deployments, offering new and innovative functionality to both end customers and operations teams.

With a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions quickly, reliably, and with exceptional support, Encore has earned the trust of its customers.

In addition to its core focus on software delivery, the company also offers strategic analysis and consulting services to complement its customers' efforts in new product introductions and processes.

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