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Hosted Video Solutions

Turnkey cloud solutions for content delivery and studio-approved platforms for seamless and secure payments of premium content.

Digital Locker

Our Digital Locker platform enables Electronic Sell-Through of your digital assets

About Digital Locker

Encore Interactive’s Digital Locker is a cloud-based software solution that integrates seamlessly and securely with television providers’ existing Pay TV infrastructure to enable the download and offline playback of Electronic sell-through (EST) assets.

Digital Locker is a turn-key, studio-approved platform that provides subscribers with a personal, unlimited virtual storage space where they can download and own the most recent premium content swiftly, safely, and easily.

Subscribers can create individualized entertainment collections from the newest releases as soon as they are available and enjoy them on any device anytime they wish, whether they choose to playback on or offline. That’s Digital Locker.

Digital Locker is an EST solution that already exists and is being used by major North American broadcast providers today to acquire and keep subscribers while increasing revenue.


Business Growth

Enhances Revenue & Reduces Churn

Digital Locker leverages industry-standard DRM technologies that permit service providers to feature early window EST access to content from major studios, including Disney, Warner Bros., Universal,  and Sony.

With these existing approvals in place, Digital Locker has met the studios’ security requirements to carry their exclusive titles.

Offering early access to this sought-after content is a distinction that not only adds revenue to providers through increased EST sales but also attracts new subscribers while retaining existing ones.

Manage Costs

As a SaaS solution, Digital Locker is designed for rapid deployment and scaling. It can be integrated seamlessly into a service provider’s existing infrastructure and processes with minimal impact on overloaded Engineering and Operations staff.

Digital Locker permits providers to eliminate the heavy capital and operational costs associated with onboarding new in-house hardware, software and technology and focus on deploying new EST processes and features.

Onboarding costs include all branding and customization, as well as training and integration.

Secure Technology

With Digital Locker, service providers deliver subscribers an end-to-end, studio-approved EST technology that allows them to download and own the newest, premium content simply and safely.

Digital Locker employs secure automated workflows to ensure that these video assets remain protected from loss or theft as they move from providers to subscribers.

Middleware-independent, Digital Locker supports both PC and Mac platforms and is extensible to mobile devices for users to download and go. It is also easily extensible to other standard DRM technologies, including Apple’s FairPlay, Microsoft’s PlayReady and CMLA-OMA.

Digital Locker supports Google Widevine, which Amazon Prime Video, the BBC, Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, and Disney+ also use.


What Subescribes Want?

Digital Locker allows broadcast providers to offer subscribers an efficient, cloud-based, industry-standard EST software solution that features unlimited virtual storage where they can collect and consume their favourite content.

Customers want to download and own premium content as soon as it is available.

They can do it easily with Digital Locker, Encore Interactive’s studio-approved, secure EST platform that presents the most sought-after titles to enjoy across devices, exclusive of location or connectivity.

With Digital Locker, subscribers can safely download and go with the widest array of the most current content to playback when, where and how they wish. As often as they want. Digital Locker needs to be a part of your EST offering.

Community Live

End-to-end OTT video management and delivery platform for community content.

Encore's Community Live is a turnkey managed cloud solution allowing Mediaroom operators to quickly and cost-effectively deploy and manage community content (both live and on demand) across web, TV, and mobile platforms.

Case Studies

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