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Case Studies
Solving the Puzzle: Innovative Solutions for a Dynamic World
Sports Solutions

Enhanced Live Sports Experiences

Enhancing the viewing experience is helping Telecommunication companies reduce cord-cutting, and live sports are an attractive investment area. Improving the overall viewing experience with live sports applications can make their services more attractive to sports subscribers.

A leading telecommunication company licensed sports entitlements from Gracenote's Global Sports Connected service.

Due to the enormity of this dataset, application development would only require a subset of the data.

This telco has multiple applications integrated with Gracenote that have resulted in API limitations and storage contingencies.

To combat these issues, the solution will serve as a single-owned component to which all downstream applications can integrate and request the pertinent data for their individual use cases.

Currently, this Telco has two Mediaroom Sports applications using Gracenote's Global Sports Connected product. These monolithic PF applications interrogate a limited number of updates, and lookup endpoints from Global Sports Connected, and store the data to power Mediaroom PF Sports applications. This data remains inaccessible for consumption by any other applications.

Leading telecommunication companies wanted to build live sports applications however there are a number of challenges.

Linear Content Rights

The Solution

Leveraging its expertise in pay TV middleware, operations, automation, and metadata, Encore proposed a fully automated search backend that would automatically ingest pay TV live and on-demand metadata as well as metadata from OTT content providers.

In addition to this metadata, this backend would ingest weighting data (including ratings and consumption data) and business rules to allow for the continuous learning and tuning that would provide customers with the best search recommendation at that time.

This system would also allow the targeted promotion and weighting for specific content to align with marketing campaigns and other promotions.

This backend was front-ended by a high-performance open-source search system (Elastic Search) to ensure seamless scalability, performance, and availability.

Finally, a custom user interface and search application were built and integrated with TELUS' Optik pay TV service.

The entire solution is built with a "carrier class" design focus that TELUS customers have come to know and expect.

High performance, high quality, high availability.

The same attributes apply and leverage automation and operational insights to ensure the minimal load on TELUS operations teams from an operational perspective.

The Results

The Enhanced Search solution services millions of search and content discovery requests providing customers with a comprehensive set of weighted search recommendations for TELUS Optik content and their OTT partners.

The solution allows customers to seamlessly discover, select, and view content in the TELUS Optik domain and enable customers to effortlessly navigate from the Optik domain into OTT applications (Netflix, Amazon, Hayu, and TouTV) and back again.

As one TELUS executive described it – "A transformative experience."

Automated Rights Manager

Provides immediate and continuous ROI by delivering seamless dynamic linear metadata management.

In recent years there’s been an explosion in the number of devices, formats and methods used to distribute and consume content. With that explosion, the complexity of rights governing content distribution has intensified - and service providers responsible for enforcing these rights are burdened with increasing operational costs.

ARM is our response to this problem.



A proven turnkey solution, ARM takes only a few days to integrate.

It automatically ingests, processes and programs content provider rights data, helping operators to achieve immediate and continuous ROI through the automation of day-to-day operations behind content rights management for features like Timeshift, Restart TV, Blackout, and Network DVR.


Fully extensible and designed for seamless integration, ARM has already been integrated with four leading TV middleware platforms.

In addition, new capabilities, rights types, and data formats have been introduced seamlessly with each deployment.

With 24x7 rights automation, reporting, and error handling ARM will highlight conditions where human intervention is required for rights resolution and will learn from those instances.

ARM is a commercially deployed and hardened platform with an ever-increasing portfolio of supported content providers. 

Metadata Integrity

ARM automatically ingests and normalizes different formats of content rights data received, intelligently applying rights for all video platforms, eliminating the chance of human error - giving back time to your engineers, so they can concentrate on more important operational tasks.


Encore’s ARM platform will turn your linear rights metadata management into a predictable, reliable cost saving system that provides immediate and continuous ROI.


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