January 6, 2017

How Catch-Up and Restart TV Features are Increasing Subscribership and Revenue

With the rise of online streaming, allowing audiences to view video content whenever they like, the landscape of traditional linear television is shifting. Time-shifting, that is.  


December 16, 2016

TV operators offer timeshifting for a variety of reasons - it has been shown to increase advertising revenue, increase overall TV consumption, increase the rate of subscription upgrades, and decrease subscriber churn (for a more detailed look at these benefits, see thi...

December 8, 2016

Operators who have added the timeshift features to their TV platform are amazed by the uptake rate among their subscribers. Whether it comes under the name of “Replay TV”, “Restart Anytime”, “Catch Up” or a number of its other commercial names, timeshifted viewing is a...

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