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Operator Control Center (OCC)

 A powerful operations platform that reduces cost and risk of operational activities in Mediaroom.

Mediaroom operators today typically use the built-in Service Management Tool or “SMT” for making live changes against their video service platform - and this results in long overnight maintenance windows. Encore's Operator Control Centre (OCC) changes this maintenance workflow and decouples the creation of work packages from their execution. Complex multistage maintenance jobs can be created, reviewed and lab tested in business hours and executed with a single command during maintenance windows. Over a typical year, this saves hundreds of hours of overnight maintenance window time.

Centralized management, granular access

This centralized management system empowers all tiers of an operations team, from frontline support to senior operations staff and management. Offering role-based access and job-based architecture, OCC provides a number of useful out-of-the-box tools. For example, your operations team can manage deployments across multiple channel maps, or rapidly assign service collection grants to subscriber groups. With granular access controls, OCC enables less technical teams like marketing and helpdesk with powerful tools to immediately improve customers’ TV experience.

Build new tools

OCC's modular nature makes it easy to build new tools and allow new operational capabilities. Meanwhile, full rollback functionality and audit logs allow you to maintain high standards of configuration management within your mission-critical Mediaroom infrastructure.

Built for full extensibility, this cost-saving IPTV solution is currently being extended to support Ericsson’s MediaFirst platform.
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