Electronic Sell-Through

Our Digital Locker platform enables

Electronic Sell-Through of your digital assets. 

Digital Locker is a cloud-based service (plus client) designed to securely integrate with your Pay TV service to enable download and offline playback of Electronic Sell-Through assets.

Low Cost 

A turn-key solution enabling quick integration in your current platform. Enjoy a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as it is a drop-in solution and doesn’t require any training or onboarding.


Supports PC and Mac and is fully extensible and designed for seamless integration in all your platforms and supports other use cases such as download and go.

Studio Approved

Digital Locker uses Google Widevine enabling secure premium content protection. Working with our reference customer, Digital Locker is approved by all major studios for ETS allowing you to honor any contract commitment. Content providers are looking for their carriers to provide a solution that allows their content to be accessible by their customers even if they lose that customer.

Digital Locker Technical Overview


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