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A La Carte ("Pick and Pay")

This IPTV solution allows service providers to rapidly implement self-serve impulse purchasing and channel/package customization for their subscribers.

A proven addition to Mediaroom, this self-serve solution enables subscribers to build their own theme packs through a PF application, driving up ARPU through increased impulse purchasing.

A La Carte (ALC) not only increases customer satisfaction but also reduces the workload for customer service management teams.  

It offloads content packaging, bundling, and business rules from expensive-to-change business systems, with an administration console that allow operators to build business rules and perform system configuration and maintenance. The solution has a standardized business system interface which ties into BSS, OSS, Content Management Systems, and Mediaroom, and it supports both consumer channel lineup customizations and package purchasing.

ALC offers a rich API and SDK for consumer apps (the web, mobile, TV), enabling rapid integration with existing carrier web portals. ALC is commercially integrated with Mediaroom.
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